• Oil-fueled Automotive

    With the aim of sustainable development, we are facing increasing requirement in the perspective of energy saving, motor and security performance. Lightweight is the way leading us towards the goal.

    Research shows that 75% fuel consumption is related to the weight of automotive. 8% fuel consumption and 4% emission can be reduced with 10% weight loss.(Data sources:MATERIAL)

    Thermal Management System

    Thermal management system refers to air conditioning system and engine cooling system. Air conditioning system consists of compressor, condenser, evaporator, dryer and pipeline. Engine cooling system is used to remove the heating created during engine running, keep engine running in a suitable condition. It is classified into air cooling and water cooling with different refrigerants. It consists of pump, radiator, reservoir and heating core. 

    We offer high quality pipes, shapes and bars for automotive air conditioning system and engine cooling system:

    ◇Base tube for radiator, Chare air cooler, condenser and heating core

    ◇Plate for evaporator, air cooler and oil cooler

    ◇Side plate and header which can be brazed


    Fitness for brazing, Anti-fatigue and corrosion resistance

    Dynamical system

    Automotive dynamical system  includes engine and transmission. Engine is the most important performance component of automotive. Working routine of engine includes air suction, compressing, acting and exhaust. According to different modes of piston working, it divides into reciprocating engine and rotary engine. Transmission  system, Which is conduct energy transfer to make automotive moving. Currently, mechanical and hydraulic mechanical are most applied.

    Our products

    Piston and VVT rotor

    Transmission Shaft and steering shaft


    Satisfy customized requirement of strength, tolerance, and fatigue strength.

    Suspension system

    Refer to the connecting parts between body and wheel, which absorb shock during automotive driving on the road. It consists of shock absorber, spring, anti-sway bar, connecting rod and etc. It divides into independent suspension and non-independent suspension system. The feature of independent suspension system is that right and left wheel move independently. The feature of non-independent suspension is that right and left wheel are connected with one shaft.       

    Our products:

    ◇ ABS Valve

    ◇ Component of Shock absorber

    ◇ Suspension Arm

    ◇ Steering compenents


    Satisfy customized requirement of strength, tolerance, and fatigue strength.

    Body system

    Body structural is covered by auto-body panel, which provides support and shock proof of auto-body. Collision management system is located in the backward and frontward of automotive. It consists of one or two bumper beam and two or four crash boxes. Due to excellent energy absorption and collision performance, Aluminium is the best choice of collision system. 

    Our products and extention fabrication service:

    ◇ Bumper component

    ◇ Cross beam of instrument panel

    ◇ Beam of doorsill

    ◇ Body structural component


    We provide solution for body system with 6-series and 7-series High strength alloy, which could enhance yield strength, impact and corrosion resistance while weight reduced.