• New Energy Vehicle

    Battery is the power resource of new energy automobile. With restriction of battery weight, lightweight is the direct factor related to the driving mileage. As the most popular lightweight material, Aluminium is deemed as the best choice in near future.

    Mainly applications in new energy vehicle of Aluminium components include body, hub, chassis, anti-collision beam, floor, battery and chair. Aluminium components of body system consist of body frame, skin and door. Aluminum alloy hub, large section Aluminium shapes and forging components for chassis system, Aluminium shapes for bumper, Aluminium floor, body of battery, Aluminium foil positive pole, Aluminium battery tray, Aluminium chairs.

    Thermal management system

    Different oil fueled automotive, new energy vehicle is driven by electric motor. So the cooling system is applied to remove heating load from battery and motor. Performance of cooling system directly impacts the efficiency of battery output and life cycle. In order to longer the life cycle of battery package, thermal management system shall be applied to create a suitable temperature condition. It classified into air cooling, liquid cooling and direct cooling.

    Our products

    We offer light weight, good performance, and reliable cooling channel/tube and component related for new energy vehicle, including cooling pipe, cooling pump, cooling valve and expansion valve.


    Fitness for brazing, Anti-fatigue and corrosion resistance, Satisfy customized requirement of strength, tolerance, and fatigue strength.

    Battery and motor system

    Lightweight of battery and motor system is the most important segment. Under the policy of energy density of battery increasing, it puts forward higher requirements to strength, weight and security of battery package.

    We provide battery casing and cooling pipe for hybrid and pure battery driven automotive:

    ◇Battery components

    ◇ Battery package

    ◇ Cooling plate

    ◇ Battery cooling tube



    With innovative connection technology, our solution provides you Aluminium products with better heat transfer performance and higher yield strength.