Sustainable Development
EHS Policy

• 100% compliance with laws and regulations is basic requirement during operation of Apalt

• Create healthy working environment. Eliminate risk of occupational hazard

• Come to work happily, back home with safety. May each family member of our employee brimming with joy.

• Minimize environmental load during production and operation, devoted to development of sustainable society.

• Cultivate the awareness of EHS during production and operation.

• Health of employees is irreplaceable treasure of Apalt

• Make EHS as core culture of Apalt, as one of our competitiveness, and as social repulation.

Human Resource Policy

1、Internal Adjustment: More than 70% Vacancy shall be made internally.

2、Career Development Program: annual periodic development program will be made to plan career development of each employee.

3、Rank of Experts: Technical expert undertakes additional technical responsibility. They have the same ascending channel just like administrator. After years development, many experts have been cultivated by Apalt.

4、Salary: Apalt pays close attention to employment market, offer competitive salary to attract talent.

5、Training: Under fierce competitive condition, training is the way to enhance skills. Apalt provide training crossover practice and theory, including compliance, language, IT skills, management, technical know-how, communication and etc.

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Energy Saving & Environment Protection

Integrated environment factor into process of R&D, Production, Delivery and Recycle.

◇ Raw Material

◇ Production, Cleaning, Packing, Transportation

◇ Recycle & Reutilization

◇ Keep an eye on hazardous substance during R&D and Production

what we are doing for implementing of energy saving and environmental protection:

◇ Distributed Solar Energy

◇ Water Circulation Air Conditioning

◇ High efficiency dust removing device

◇ Replace high energy consumption equipment with Eco-Energy equipment

◇ Implementing classified recovery of Aluminium

Lower Carbon Emission:

◇ Promote lightweight, reduce automotive energy consumption and carbon emission, which is core strategy of Apalt.

◇ Reduce power consumption of all our plants. Eliminate high power consumption equipment.

  • Roof Type Solar Power
  • Security Assurance
  • Classification Collection of Aluminium
  • Work Environment
Nice Working Environment
  • Departmental Meeting
  • Outward Bound
  • Staff Reward
  • Facility
  • Landscape
  • Office Environment