• Aviation

    Aviation Aluminium product is a kind of wrought Aluminium alloy with very high strength, which has better mechanics and forming performance, better plasticity after solid solution treatment, good heat treatment strengthening effect. Under 150℃, material shows high strength and toughness.

    Compared with other application, aviation Aluminium product has high requirements in strength, hardness, toughness, anti-fatigue and plasticity. Featured with lightweight, Aluminium products have replaced other steels and played a leading role in the aviation field. For aviation equipment field, the requirement is higher, which is a high-end market for Aluminium material. At present, aluminium tubes, profiles and bars has a wide application in the aviation and spacecraft, of which, the type 7050 is the best class of aluminium alloy structure material for aviation with comprehensive properties. In order to lower the weight of plane, the aluminium alloy material is widely used in the seating rails, cabin floor beam, the stringer of the wing, wing beam and other body structures. Now the alumunized rate of domestic major aircrafts is nearly 70~75%, and that of the extruded profiles is nearly 28%. With the development of the domestic aircrafts, the requirements for aluminium alloy material in aviation field will be highly improved and it will have a wide prospect in the substitute for the imported products.

    Products for Aviation

    We offer high performance 2-series and 7-series Aluminium alloy product for aviation industry, which is lower in density, higher in rigidity and better damage tolerance.

    Our products:

    Extrusion tube, shapes, e.g. pipeline of thermal management system, oil pipe, chair frame and etc.


    Satisfy customized requirement of strength, tolerance, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.