• Rail Transportation

    With the application of Aluminium product, it will help to improve the effective load, reduce the fuel consumption and the maintenance cost. Due to lightweight, rail train will adapt to different circumstances, easy to control while being more stable. In general, high-speed train with speed at 250km/h should be equipped with a large amount of Aluminium products, e.g. CHR G-series high-speed train.

    Aluminium alloy is widely used in rail transportation, which could be applied in body fabrication, e.g. roof, side wall, floor and etc. also could be applied for fabrication of components like baggage carrier, door, footboard, water tank and etc. In order to reduce weight and improve sealing tightness of body, train at a speed more than 350km/h will totally adopt Aluminium shapes except chassis system. For urban railway, Aluminium is the best choice taking into account of lightweight, sealing, corrosion resistance and artstry. Currently, the weight of Aluminium body of high speed train is about 8.5~10 tons per train, and 1 ton per train of cabin interiors. 

    Products for Rail Transportation

    Based on rich experience of high performance Aluminium products, continuous R&D investment and strict procedure control, we provide customer in rail transportation industry lightweight, high strength and durable Aluminium product. Commit to improve safety performance of cabin body.

    Our products:

    Extrusion tubes and shapes, e.g. pipeline of thermal management tube, chair frame, components of  chassis system and etc.


    Satisfy customized requirement of strength, tolerance, fatigue strength and corrosion resistance.